What is RUNtrix?

RUNtrix, LLC specializes in the derivation and implementation of data-driven aerobic run training plans. Founded in 2011, RUNtrix-powered dynamic training plans have been the Official Training Program for the 2011-2014 NYC Marathon and 2012-2014 NYC Half. The dynamic training programs offer runners the ability to customize and manipulate their training to fit their lifestyle and level of motivation.


Training Philosophy

RUNtrix dynamic training plans incorporate both the art & science of coaching to deliver a truly unique product. Philosophically, this platform was designed to do more than to prescribe training workouts. Everyone who works on this project is a coach. We understand the challenges of coaching online and we understand the challenges of training alone. Our training programs are as much about the journey as they are in the goal race.

NYRR Partnership

RUNtrix has partnered with the New York Road Runners to offer the exclusive NYRR Virtual Trainer. Dynamic training plans for the half marathon and marathon distance are offered by NYRR. The NYRR Virtual Trainer has customized plans for the TCS NYC Marathon, NYC Half and plans that can prepare you to race any marathon or half marathon.

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